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What is a Resubdivision?

Resubdivision - the process of replatting (remapping) an existing subdivision for the purposes of changing lot sizes or configuration, or street patterns. Occasionally, a resubdivision or replatting is required by a governmental agency when it wants to renegotiate the entitlements associated with the development plan.

The minor adjustment or vacation of property lines which reallocates or consolidates land area of contiguous lots or parcels, provided that the adjustment or vacation of property lines does not: Result in the creation of any additional lots or parcels of land; Result in any increase in density or increased impact on public infrastructure; Involve or give rise to the need for the dedication, construction, or extension of a public street; or Create a nonconformity or increase or aggravate any existing nonconformity as to minimum development and use criteria set out in the city’s zoning ordinance.

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